The Zora's Domain

Open RP

The gushing waters glisten through the sun, reflecting it’s sheer crisp, and fresh scent. It was tranquil and soothing to hear the rhythm of the rocks beating around the Domain. While the Zoras did their usual routine, some stand in about their Knightly duties watching over the others. 

Prince Ralis decides to swim around the main area of Lake Hylia, so dives into the rushing waterfall that gives him a chance to exercise a bit after performing his daily duties. He left without an escort, and swim as fast as he could into the Heart of Lake Hylia. 

"Maybe, next time I’ll go to Hyrule" Ralis thought. 

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    Rowan took a deep breath, trying to keep himself calm. He didn’t even know where to start. All of these people made him...
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    The young twili gazed again. Ralis smiled at him, “I’ll be there when you need me” he whispered to Rowan. He noticed...
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